Hemp is a very hardy plant, and all parts oft the plant can be utilized for as different purposes as food, body care
and industrial products such as e.g. paint, paper or fabric.


Hemp is an ancient crop. One of the first things the Vikings did when arriving at a new location, was to grow hemp. This ensured the production of hemp rope for their future travels. Hemp has always been used for a large number of purposes such as building materials, rope, clothes and different types of foods.

There are many different species of hemp. Some of them are known for their in-toxicant tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the leaves. Others have no THC content. The hemp which is allowed to be cultivated in the EU and Denmark is the so-called industrial hemp, meaning that it contains less than 0.2 % THC.

THC is the UV-protection substance in the leaves and is therefore not found in the seeds we use and sell as food products.

The species of industrial hemp (Finola) that Moellerup Estate cultivates is approved by the authorities. Finola was developed by the Finnish professor Jace Callaway and is easily adapted to the Danish climate.

With its high yield of seeds and high oil content, the Finola plant is well-suited for food production and oil extraction. Both the organic and the conventional hemp are cultivated without the use of pesticides.


Hemp is an exciting ingredient in food products because of the nutritional profile. Furthermore, hemp adds both flavour and texture to your food/food products.

Hemp is known for its high content of protein, fibre, omega fatty acids and essential amino acids. By adding the right amount and type of hemp product, you can customize food products for the right target group. If the target group is athletes, people who focus on fitness or vegans, you can simply add the right amount of hemp and design a unique and tasty product.

Another target group could be people with gluten allergies, people who prefer small meals or people who focus on fibre. We are experiencing a high demand for our hemp due to its nutritional profile and we are getting many enquiries from skilled product developers who are looking for new flavour and consistency possibilities for their innovative food products.


Besides our basic hemp products such as hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp flour, etc. we have also developed a variety of ready-made hemp food
products: crisp bread, pesto, beer, gin, tonic, protein bars and marzipan snacks. Read more

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