Moellerup Brands produce food from hemp seeds harvested by Moellerup Estate. We deliver eight products made from hemp seed.

Since the Middle Ages Moellerup Estate has been a substantial part of the community on Djursland, Denmark. Farming has always been an essential part of the estate's activities. Through the years Moellerup Estate has expanded in terms of hectares and yield. But Moellerup Estate also has contact growers to meet demands. As an agricultural farm, Moellerup Estate is very focused on the quality of the raw materials and the production of these. Our subcontractors are carefully chosen for their unique way of handling their products and their willingness for further development and production, even small badge production with low cost and the future in mind.

Moellerup Estate is responsible for farming the hemp seed for Moellerup Brands. Moellerup Brands develop, brand and sell the hemp seed products for Moellerup Estate with good raw materials and quality products at a fair price. The finished products are sold to catering, commercial and industry.

In Moellerup Brands we focus on a healthy variety of seeds and grains. Since 2015 we have been focusing on hemp and all the different kind of hemp-related products. In 2015 we cultivated 30 hectares, in 2016 it was 300 hectares and in 2017 we cultivated 600 hectares of hemp.

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