Moellerup Brands is situated at Moellerup Estate, which is one of the oldest estates in Denmark. Moellerup Brands is the largest producer of industrial hemp in Scandinavia. We grow and harvest industrial hemp, and we work hard to find ways of utilizing the entire plant from root to top. Our hemp is grown in Denmark or sourced from Europe under strict environmental and health regulations.

We have been growing both conventional and organic hemp since 2015, and as hemp is a strong and resistant crop it is neither sprayed against weed, pests or fungus.


Finola the variety of hemp, we grow, is categorised as industrial hemp and contains less than 0,2 % THC. We use the seeds for food and skincare products.


Our hemp is primarily used for consumption in the form of hemp oil, roasted seed, hulled seed, hemp flour or hemp protein powder. The unique nutritional composition of hemp makes it ideal as a food supplement. The grains have an optimal combination of omega 3 and 6 as well as the highest content of plant protein in any seed.  At Moellerup Estate we have also developed an entire range of skin products using hemp oil. Take a closer look.


Another area where hemp has great potential is within the industry. The fibres from stem and seed can be used for e.g. insulation, growth media, mats, boards for buildings, fabric, composite for cars and furniture, upholstery, packaging, filtration, mattresses. You name it. 
Our sister company Advance Nonwoven A/S develop, build and participate in operating manufacturing lines for sustainable nonwoven products made from e.g. hemp fibres. Take a closer look.


As the largest producer and trader of hemp in Scandinavia, we offer hemp from 50 grams to several tons at a time. We supply high-quality hemp based on the strict control regulations in Denmark. The hemp seeds are cleaned, sorted and carefully processed during production.

Cleaning and sorting are done by competent partners, the rest of the processing is done at our own factory. Our experience ensures high quality including control of the microbiology, which several of our competitors are struggling with.

We have eight basic hemp products in our range. We call our products “pure” hemp products because the product is made from 100 % hemp seed.


Hemp is actually a very ancient crop. One of the first things the Vikings did when arriving at a new location was planting hemp to ensure the production of hemp rope for their future travels. Hemp has been and still is being used for various purposes such as building materials, rope, clothes and different types of foods.

There are a lot of varieties of hemp plants. Some of them are well known for their intoxicant tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the leaf material. Others have none or no THC. The hemp that is allowed to be cultivated in EU and Denmark is the so-called industrial hemp which is defined by containing less than 0.2 % THC. The sort of industrial hemp, Finola, that we cultivate, is approved by the authorities.  THC is the UV protection substance on the leaves and is therefore not found in the seeds.

Finola is developed in Finland by PhD Jace Callaway and therefore well adapted to the Danish climate. With its high yield of seeds and high oil content, the Finola plant is well suited for food production and oil extraction. The cultivation of both conventional and ecological Finola is performed without the use of any form of pesticides.

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